The Pretty People


Two years ago, City Mall was the place to be seen. It rose in people’s opinions to be the city’s ultimate hot spot. During that same time Mecca Mall became the place where people just shopped.  The trendy stopped socializing there, deeming it a place for the “Nawar” i.e. the people of low class.  But, when Mecca Mall first opened its doors in Amman, it too enjoyed a golden era. Being the first large mall to open in the city, it was the place to see people and be seen. Then again, nothing ever stays the same.

Now, both malls are taking a back seat in people’s preferences, as Taj Mall takes center stage. Today, Taj Mall has to be one of the few shopping malls in the world, where you are advised to dress up before going. This is not because, it is a posh place in itself, but it is where the hip and trendy hang out. There, you would see girls with tight jeans, perfectly straightened hair and comfortable nine-inch heel shoes walking the marble floors. They make extra efforts to appear causal as they carry their LOUIS VUITTON bags and sport a wrist watch just as expensive to match.

It is in Taj Mall that you see the first hint of a season change, not in the designer outfits on display in shop windows, but on the mall goers themselves. At the first hint of a temperature rise, the girls dispense with the high boots, and they instantly walk around in sandals. The posh jackets are replaced with sleeveless shirts to display a perfectly “natural” orange tan, and the hair instantly becomes a few shades lighter.  Similarly at the first hints of winter, the sandals are replaced with high boots, a short jacket, brown hair, and leggings. It’s as if it is horse riding season!.

The men walk around in designer shorts and flip-flops in summer, and designer jackets and pants in winter.

In the summer  evening breeze both men and women alike stroll the outdoor terrace. But, you can’t blame them really for choosing to take their evening walks in the mall!  After all, Amman lacks a sea shore so it is only natural that they Taj mall their new sea shore. Funny enough, those same people who can’t master a good morning to the shop keepers, become lovebirds, walking arm in arm as they look at shop window displays of expensive shoes.

If you want to know about the latest fashion trends, don’t look in fashion magazines just look at the people walking around Taj Mall, because no one there looks as if they have not given a thought to their trendy persona.

SocializingEven the mommies in Taj Mall look different, they look relaxed, but then again they would be, since they are sipping their lattes, cafe mochas, or cappuccinos in any of the high-end cafes on the terrace. Their  kids  are far away in the play area where they are the maid’s problems and not theirs.In some cases the mommy would be pushing her kid in a stroller, but she would be doing it with perfectly manicured hands . Even the teenagers at Taj Mall look like miniature adults, they lose all sense of young innocence as they dress in top of the line outfits, only their daddies can afford.


In the restaurants outside the food court, couples talk in dimmed corners, friends chatter over steak, and the occasional birthday is celebrated in TGI Fridays through  an elaborate show put on by the waiters. The oldies play in the background in other restaurants, and in more traditional cafes the smell of hubbly bubbly  gives the atmosphere a more authentic feel In the hubbly bubbly serving cafes, the elegant families sit silently in larger groups, with each member clicking on a Smartphone in one hand, and smoking hubbly bubbly in the other. They would be having quality conversations for sure, but they would be having these conversations with the people on their virtual networks and not with each other.

On the top floor of the mall, high above the hustle and bustle of pretty people posing,  the cinema sports an air of classiness of its own. You pay almost twice what you would pay in any other cinema in the city. The pretty people would willingly pay that amount just to sit in a lazy chair and have someone bring them the popcorn..


Everyone wants to be part of the pretty people in Taj Mall, but that too is temporary, as the pretty people will stay in Taj Mall  just until something bigger, better, and more glamorous comes along. but, aren’t we all like that, and don’t we all just follow trends blindly !

How many things do we do in our lives just to be part of the pretty people ? And, how many things do we do just to be true to ourselves ? Food for thought !


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