This Week in Gaza Camp

After a long involuntary break caused by the Alexa snowstorm, students’ school exam, and the unavailability of transportation to and from Jerash, we went yesterday to teach at Gaza Camp adding another chapter to our voluntary English Teaching program. For me , the waking up early on again Saturday needed some getting used to, especially since a one month break is more than enough time to change one’s biological clock.  Nevertheless, I got to Jordan University road on time, and out of a team of 7 volunteers 1 showed up.

To be fair, the cancelations started streaming in one after the other on Friday, and they were all due to car mishaps, sudden job requests, you name it. Seeing the 1 volunteer, the bus, and the fact that I was already awake, I decided not to cancel on this week’s class, so me and Fekri bravely went to face the kids alone. We arrived to a class of 40 something kids, and I am sure some of them were not too trilled when they saw that I was going to give them the class today.

You see, while I am the person running this program, I tend to teach adults most of the time, and the other volunteers handle the kids. There is a reason for that, as I’m not exactly the Mary Poppens of the 21st century. Kids just know that they can’t get away with talking, fighting, or shouting in my class.  

We started off our lesson by revising the seasons theme which the kids learned about a month ago, and I was thrilled to find out that after a month of absence the kids did not forget everything just some things. If anything, this shows that the  volunteers working on that theme did a great job. We then moved on to the lesson of the day which was on Fruits, and we started talking about apples, bananas, and oranges.  I had to raise my voice only twice in 1 hour when the kids could not stop talking, and Fekri the volunteer working with me helped the kids shape their favorite fruits in play dough.

Kids Learning about Fruits

1525301_10151898612922058_553808680_n 1507597_10151898612847058_1756353410_n1505025_10151898612262058_874088959_n1503865_10151898612107058_1444397051_n

 Kids love play dough, and they have no problems fighting about it. All in all, it was a good day. We  also spoke to a lady who runs a center for Orphans . She heard about our program and is also interested in bringing her kids to our classes, we will see how that goes next week.Next week, we will look forward to resuming our adult classes as universities will be done with exams by then.



The English Teaching at Gaza Camp Program is run under the umbrella of JCI Amman, and is aimed at offering English language and conversational skills for kids and adults in Jerash Gaza Camp. We focus on providing life skills with English language, for adults while we also offer kids a chance to use the language through interactive activities and games. Because we are all volunteers, we only run this program on Saturday from 11 am to 1:00 pm

Kids Showing their Artistic Creations in Play Dough

  1526337_10151898612412058_1944290767_n  1560439_10151898612197058_1799500001_n 1544954_10151898611927058_1593095189_n 1452267_10151898611852058_828245140_n 1544376_10151898611642058_930708263_n 1601026_10151898611582058_583120916_n 1526138_10151898611442058_1169910213_n


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