The Nawar


In my expanding list  of terms that mean absolutely nothing to me, my  latest addition is the word “Nawar”(socially meaning people of no class, no culture, and no manners, and more literally meaning Gypsies) following “Mish 3al masari” it isn’t about the money and “Ana bint nas” , I’m a daughter of respected people  which you can read more about in my past blogs.

My issue with the word “Nawar” reached its peak last week when a group of people and I were discussing the Abdali Boulevard. In case you didn’t visit Amman’s latest hot spot, this is the festive street set up in the Abdali area to include booths, a Christmas tree, fun for the kids, and good food. Now to enter that public street, one has to pay a JD 2 entrance fee.

 I was telling some friends that to me this rule doesn’t make sense. My argument was that one shouldn’t have to pay money to visit a street. Several people disagreed with me saying that this is a legitimate action, set to prevent certain people from coming to the area i.e. the “Nawar” , and yes several used the term “Nawar”. So, in this case the word “Nawar” includes all those people who can’t pay JD 2 to enter the street, meaning the street is specifically set up for the rich people who can afford it and who, according to this definition, are all not “Nawar”.

It is this similar war against the “Nawar” that causes shopping Malls to prevent single guys from entering . The reasoning behind that act is also to not let just anyone enter the public shopping area. Here, the fear is from the “Nawar” single guys who may harass the girls who are shopping at the mall in their skinny jeans and tops that leave nothing to the imagination.

So who exactly are the “Nawar”. Are they the people who don’t have money? If so, does this mean that every person who has money is instantly classy, worthy, and well-cultured? , or are they the single guys? If they are all the single guys, then does this mean that anyone walking into the mall with his family is instantly immune to harassing the girls in skinny jeans and tops that leave little to the imagination?.

Are the single girls not “Nawar” ? Remember “Nawar” is a term used to describe the not well behaved, not cultured. If so, then congratulations to the women, as it seems that according to this term we are all cultured and well behaved, and we all have the right anywhere we want right ?

Wrong again, you do not want to see a girl in a cat fight, because then you will see the term “Nawar” defined. 

So who exactly decided who the “Nawar” are ? And, who are fighting against when it comes to rights to entry to a street or a mall?  To all those who feel they have the right to enter Abdali Boulevard simply by being able to pay JD 2 , is your money your pass to being cultured? Is this street only for the rich?, and the poor are the Nawar we exclude? And, to all owners of Malls, is the mall only open to women and families who want to dress in clothes that leave little to the imagination. Any single guy is part of the “Nawar” crowd?. Come on, We all met the single guy who is polite, the family guy who still harasses the girls, the person with money and no class, and the person with money and class. So can we define Nawar in these terms?

I just feel we live in a class bound society, where we throw around labels and terms like Nawar, Bint Nas, Bint 3aleh, etc.

Maybe part of being cultured is being more accepting to all, and so maybe we need to re-think who exactly are the Nawar. ………… Food for thought

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