Marketing the Relationship Status

In our fast paced world of digital technology and social media, the online world has become a place in which we market who we are.
For example, I love to write so my blog is my online space where I express my thoughts and I briefly get to live my dream of being a writer. If I ever dream of living a love story, I would probably write one and live off the lives of the characters, and a few years ago i did just that, when I developed a sudden interest in trying to understand the character of a womanize. That was exactly  how the story of Mazin’s Loves came to life, which if you are interested in knowing more about you can read off my blog at any time. However, I do have a question to all those people who are deeply in love and who in turn feel the urge to send love poems and love notes to their significant other on their wall. What exactly are they trying to market?
Are they trying to market the all sought after status of being in love, and if they are so in love why are they not sharing these love poems face to face to each other in their home? And, what about those people who display their wedding photos on their wall one day after getting married, are they really so proud of their achievement that they can’t wait to tell the world they had a big fancy wedding? I don’t know about you and forgive my cynicism, but one thought comes to my mind when I see wedding pictures on someone’s wall one day after the wedding. I wonder how it is that the “happy and so in love couple” spent their first night together or first morning together even with a computer screen opened on a Facebook page? and even if we were to assume that their relatives posted the photos, was the family so desperate to show off the wedding?
As for the singles who show off being so happy and single, who are they kidding? I smile when I see the status “I am so happy I am single”, or “I went to a wild party”, or “I am traveling with my girlfriends”, which are all statuses I saw. Come on people, you could be ok with being single, living through the fact that you are single, but if you have one thread of humanity in you, you can’t be that thrilled about being all alone. You are probably not killing yourself over the fact that you are single which is all fine and good, and you probably do have a life that goes beyond the hunt for a relationship, but if you feel you need to tell the world you are happy because you are single then you need to re-think that statement, because if you were so seriously happy about it, you won’t be at home posting it on Facebook you would be out there living the wild single life and you won’t have time to reflect it online .

But, we are human beings and we do feel compelled to show the world our achievements, even if those achievements were as simple as a labneh sandwich, and that is how we also get the statement “I made a labneh sandwich for breakfast” as a facebook status. Some people even feel that they need to show off their cooking capabilities farther so they add a photo to go with their kitchen conquests as well. So, again what are these people marketing about themselves exactly, are they marketing that they are great in the Kitchen too, i.e that they would make the perfect wives, husbands, boyfriends, or girlfriends, if they are cooking all this food, when exactly are they finding the time to post it on Facebook?
And, when an important figure dies, we even have a house of mourning online for that figure. for example, on the day Steve Jobs died, most people I know wrote on their walls RIP, as if they had just had dinner with him the evening before. I wonder if people will write RIP for a child bombed in war, or a beggar dying from hunger, but again maybe compassion isn’t a marketable quality but education is and knowing about world events shows class, culture, and depth so that is why we would put RIP for an international figure and not for the kid next door.
Prior to the social media boom, we probably all lived in bubbles and we were probably all haunted by personal thoughts of insecurity but those issues were kept behind closed doors. Now however and with the birth of Facebook and twitter, , we are showing the world that we are living in bubbles, we are telling the world that all we care about is what we cooked, ate, didn’t eat , or didn’t wear. people just as silly as us would comment and we feel important. We are telling the world when we are happy , sad, disturbed, in the mood or not in the mood, and we are telling the world if we are single , in love, in a relationship, or married. Before, social media, I wonder how many people would have known or even cared about our personal lives.
I wonder if we are sharing too much online, and is the end result a change from living in our own bubble to living in a bubble bath of silliness where we know a little too much about each other and each other’s insecurities ?
What, we say about ourselves is a reflection of who we are and our interests, so before posting anything I think we should wonder what exactly are we marketing about ourselves?
I am no hypocrite, and I believe this is something I intend to wonder about more too.
I am not saying that social media is bad in this post, i understand fully that it is a great way to spread information, knowledge, and events. I use it myself, and in no way am i bashing this great development in communication.

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