21st Century Romeo (A Note to all women complaining about a womanizer)

Romeo of the 21st century is a bit more refined when compared to Shakespeare’s Romeo. After all, Shakespeare’s Romeo had a big heart, but his big heart was filled with love for only one woman, Juliette. In fact, he even died for her, which is something Romeo of the 21st century would never do. But, this does not mean that Romoe of the 21st century lacks the big heart. Far from it, in fact his heart is even bigger than the heart of Juliette’s Romeo. It is so big that it in fact has one special corner for each woman he meets. So , don’t complain if you know someone like that, just accept the fact that he may have five or six women occupying his heart at any one moment of time and you may be one of them.
His eyes are very powerful too. In fact they are exceptionally good at spotting details. With his sharp eyes, he is sure to notice every single woman who appears to cross his path. If you ask him what the woman’s shoe size was, he would tell you. If you tell him what color a passing women’s eyes were he would tell you. Even if he was sitting with a woman, he wouldn’t consider that enough, since he would look at every woman who passes by anyway, and not only that but he would follow her with his eyes and do a mental comparison of looks between her and the woman sitting with him.
He would tell every woman he meets that she is special, different, and that she is the only one he talks to, ignoring to finish his sentence with “In this minute”. Shakespeare’s Romeo didn’t have that gift of powerful vision. After he spotted Juliette . he stopped seeing , spotting, or even caring for any other female on the planet, including his own mother. 21st Century Romeo could never do that.
Romeo of the 21st century is all about the grand gestures. He has to ask the girl anything to make her feel important. If she is upset he knows how to make her feel like the most important person on earth. But no woman should let such grand gestures go to her head . Little do his women know that he is making a lot of women feel important at the same time. Maybe his gestures are not as grand as the Shakespeare’s Romeo . Even if he would want to copy Shakespere’s Romeo, it would be a hard decision to make, as he would not be sure which of his many women would be worth dying for.
He’s a poor guy, this 21st century Romeo, as he has so much to handle. That is why he can not commit himself too much to any one person. He has a schedule to keep. So, he multi tasks, or works in shifts.

While, Shakespeare’s Romeo died for his love for Juliette, the 21st century Romeo is surely to die one day too, not from love, but rather from a group of women coming together and realizing that they only have a corner in his heart when they thought they had it all.
But, in the modern Romeo’s credit, he could be a lot of fun to be around. He could be charming. In the moments a woman spends with modern Romeo she will surely feel special, but she has to remember that she is only special in that point in time and in that moment. 21st Century Romeo has short term memory loss, so he will forget her name the minute she leaves.
So whether or not you consider the modern day Romeo is really up to you.
He could be a good choice, if you are a fan of shared living space, or in this case shared heart space. You may enjoy the company of the 21st century Romeo anyway. The trick is not to cross him out completely, and not to expect much. You need to realize that you are an option, in fact one of many options and be ok with it too.
Don’t take his flattery seriously, and be sure that while he is flattering you, he is also flattering many other women. He is ideal for the no strings attached scenario because he isn’t interested in exclusivity and so he has no dibs on you. You can be a multi guy girl too , since he won’t claim you, commit to you, or want to know even what you are doing when he is busy charming other women .
You will be sure that he will never utter the words exclusivity or relationship, so you don’t need to utter them or work within them either. So ladies, instead of complaining, go nuts as long as you are seeing the 21st Century Romeo. Don’t wait for him to call, buy you a gift, or ask you out but rather be surprised when he does. After all, there are no rules and you can stop worrying about how things are supposed to be. instead just deal with how they are and enjoy the advantage of selective freedom.
But if you are the jealous type, back off, this scenario will not work for you , as modern 21st Century Romeo will give you many reasons to feel jealous about.
In closing, Modern Day Romeo isn’t all bad, you just have to get a grip on his reality. While doing that, you can be anyone you want to be. Because guess what, he just doesn’t care.

Question: Would you consider 21st Century Romeo ? Is it enough for you?


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